Real Beauty is Worth Celebrating – Group Empowerment Session



As a boudoir photographer, I constantly hear women break down about why they feel they do not fit today’s beauty standards. Those unrealistic beauty standards have told women that they do not measure up, and that WE are not enough. They have taught us to compare ourselves to one another, and to compete with one another. They have made us believe that our outward appearance and number on a scale define us.

But it doesn’t because beauty has always been ours to define.

Second Annual Celebrating Beauty Group Empowerment Session

Last year, I set out on a journey to change beauty standards through group empowerment sessions with the sole purpose of celebrating real beauty, as defined by each woman. I created these sessions as a way for women to hold space for one another, to appreciate themselves and each other for their own unique beauty, and to celebrate real women and normal bodies.

This summer, I hosted the Second Annual Celebrating Beauty Group Empowerment Session. Twelve women gathered together to support each other and this mission to celebrate real beauty. They dressed to their style and comfort level and proudly stood together showing the world that they were beautiful as they are. They laughed, loved, empowered, danced, cheered, embraced and supported each other.

Group sessions are all about support and empowerment. When we support one another, we…
celebrate women for their unique beauty.
allow women to hold space for themselves.
allow women to feel comfortable in their own skin.
realize that everyBODY is beautiful. Because it is.

Thank you to these women for a beautiful day celebrating beauty at the second annual group empowerment session. Together, we are changing beauty standards. Every dimple, scar, wrinkle, freckle, muscle and roll tells your story and it should be proud to tell.


Visit my YouTube Channel to see Behind the Scenes from the First and Second Annual Celebrating Beauty Group Empowerment Session.

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