As a photographer, I create portraits full of beautiful light, rich color, and authentic joy. I actually photograph this way no matter the session, even boudoir. I don't shoot trends, moody, or dark images, because I want you to see all of you in full living color. I capture life = your real, bright, joyful, and bold life so you can remember the moment forever. 

Now that you know about my photography, scroll down to learn a little bit more about me!

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I'm Kalee, Wife, Girl mama and photographer for women.

You've heard the same ole story about two kids falling in love... they said they would never make it. They said it would never last. Well, here we are, almost 20 years later still crazy-in-love and raising a little human that looks just like her dad.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart

It's true. Kalee Isenhour Photography used to be a husband and wife team (he photographed and I posed.) I actually detested using my husband's fancy camera. Why would I want to lug this big thing around when I can use an easy point-and-shoot camera? Well, needless to say, I fell in-love with photography, taught myself how to use that fancy camera, and now spend my days working with women and I can't imagine doing anything else.

I didn't want to be a photographer.

She's actually why I am now a photographer for women. While I have been a photographer for many years, my purpose changed with the birth of my daughter. I didn’t want her to grow up in a world where society told her what was beautiful, where women compare themselves to each other, and where she would feel like she was never enough. So I set out on a journey to change the world for her by helping women celebrate each other and themselves.

My daughter is my world.

Seriously. Unless I'm outside for a session, I'm likely barefooted. I love being grounded to the earth, but I also work better without shoes or socks in my way. I climb ladders, stand on chairs, tiptoe, squat, and crouch (basically photographer yoga) to get the best shot and I have my best balance without things on my feet! I also encourage my clients to be barefooted too, especially for sweet motherhood and maternity sessions.

I love being barefoot

I grew up in the 90's on Lunchables and Sunny-D so naturally I've matured into a charcuterie loving, mimosa drinking adult... and I'm not sad about it. 

My favorite Mimosa is lots of bubble with Orange and Cranberry. My favorite charcuterie board is all of them. Seriously, can you go wrong?

I'm a 90's kid.






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Scroll through your phone's photo gallery. When was the last time there was an image of you? Not a selfie, but one of just you. How about with your child? Do you see candid moments documenting your relationship, or do you see quick forced-smile selfies? You deserve to be photographed. You deserve to be celebrated as a wife, mama, and woman. Let me create the most beautiful images of you.

You deserve to be photographed.
You deserve beautiful images of yourself
and the people that matter most to you.

My Philosophy