For the everyday woman ready to
push her boundaries, celebrate her beauty, and own her worth.

 I strive to make your photography experience as enjoyable as possible from the moment we plan your session to the delivery of your jaw-dropping pictures.
Take a peek into the Kalee Isenhour boudoir experience below: 

Kalee Isenhour Boudoir

I know that taking the step towards boudoir photography is usual full of anxiety. Upon inquiry, we will discuss your session, your concerns and all you have envisioned for it. I will help you every step of the way. Once we nail down the details and you are ready to make it official, I will send you the invoice, contract and boudoir planning guide. 



Once you book your session, you will receive my boudoir planning guide filled with suggestions on how to rock your session. It includes tips like:

-Staying Hydrated
-What to Wear
-What to Expect
-Details Before, During,
and After Your Session



Nothing will make you hold your head higher than going pro with hair and makeup. These professionals know exactly what to use to bring out your best features and make you look stunning. You will feel completely confident once you're finished. And you better believe that feeling of confidence will totally show in your photos. Knowing, feeling, and exuding confidence will make all the difference in your pictures.


Glam Team

Boudoir is so much more than lingerie, skin, and sexy photos. From the moment you walk out with professional hair and makeup to the moment your session is over, it's all about you. Your joy for life, your genuine laughter, the way your eyes sparkle when you smile... It’s about documenting what makes you your true, authentic self and the love you have for the body that is uniquely yours. So this is the time to celebrate the body that’s carried a baby, love the body that has supported you over the years, and embrace the curves that make you a woman. 



Within three weeks of your session, you will receive your gallery of jaw-dropping pictures. After your gallery is ready, select your favorite pictures to display on your walls or give to that special someone through wall prints, leather albums, or a calendar to get his heart racing all year long.



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