Consumer vs. Gallery Print Lab Comparison


Let’s talk prints! Did you know that you can order your session prints directly through your gallery? Did you know that the quality of the gallery prints blow away all consumer printers? If you didn’t know that, you are about to find out now. 😉
As a photographer I sometimes cringe when handing over digital files. Why? One reason is that I don’t want the images to sit on a phone or computer and not get printed for you to enjoy. The other reason is I worry about where they will be printed because ALL PHOTO LABS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Here is a quick comparison to show you what I recently discovered.
Gallery Print: These prints are printed on the finest photographic paper on the market through my professional print company. My computer monitor is calibrated to the print to ensure what you see in your digital file is what you get printed. The prints boast accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent skin reproduction, and offers brighter colors (perfect for your vibrant photos).
They have a Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.
Shutterfly Print: If you haven’t heard of Shutterfly, this is an online consumer print company that offers cheap and sometimes free prints. When compared to the digital file, the print has more red tones and is blurry. Oh, so blurry. This is a great option for cell phone pictures or small sized photos, but I wouldn’t trust my professional pictures or enlargements to this lab.
Walgreens: Walgreens used to be a client favorite of mine for their convenience so I knew I had to put this one to the test. When compared to the digital file, the print has a more blue tone and is overexposed (too bright.) Leave the pharmacy to refill your medications and stay away from the photo center unless it’s just quick personal snap shots.
Bottom line, you pay a lot of money for professional photos. I spend a lot of time making those photo perfect for you. I will always encourage you to print your enlargement through me, not because of a sale, but because I created them so I know exactly how they should look and care that they are perfect. Walgreens doesn’t. 😉
Clients use coupon code TRUSTME to save 15% off your gallery prints. Just trust me, you’ll love them.

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