Behind the Scenes with Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer – Kalee Isenhour

Behind the Scenes

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Hi Beautiful, I’m so excited to have you here with me today! My name is Kalee Isenhour, and I’m a self-empowerment Oklahoma boudoir photographer. In my slice of the world, we celebrate women empowerment through light and airy imagery that gives women the confidence to celebrate their own beauty. As a woman on her very own self-love journey, I completely understand the nervousness around the boudoir experience. Being vulnerable with ourselves can be kind of scary, but as your personal hype girl, my mission is to help you on your self-empowerment journey by giving you imagery full of joy, color, light, laughter…and maybe even a little confetti.

Traditionally, boudoir photography often carries a dark and sultry vibe, which might not be everyone’s preferred style and definitely not mine. That’s why I’ve developed my own true color, light, and airy aesthetic that embraces joy in boudoir photography. This allows you to celebrate your beauty in a way that feels authentically you while giving you the confidence to say yes to yourself.

When we feel cared for and confident in outfits that connect us to our sensual side, you’d be surprised how quickly we break through our emotional barriers. And because I fully understand the boudoir experience can be a little nerve-racking at first, I’ve spent the last two years tailoring a boudoir experience that leaves you feeling knowledgeable and excited before you ever step foot into my studio. 

I want to make sure each step of your boudoir experience gets you closer to the woman you’re excited to become. So today, let’s go on a behind-the-scenes journey with an Oklahoma boudoir photographer to help you feel more comfortable with me and your boudoir experience.

kalee isenhour boudoir prep

Your appointment doesn’t start the day of your boudoir session

One thing that makes me stand out as an Oklahoma boudoir photographer, is that I’m all about open and clear communication that answers your questions maybe even before you think of them. As a woman helping other women on their self-love journey, I’ve always made it my mission to bring comfort through over-communication. Women find comfort through knowing and understanding, which is why I’ve developed this experience for women just like you. And since I only book a handful of boudoir clients each month, that allows me the time to focus exclusively on you and your empowerment journey. 

Throughout our time together, you will hear from me a minimum of 10 times. I never want my clients to feel like they’re in the dark, like they aren’t aware of the next phase, or when the heck they’ll hear from that girl Kalee again!

Before your photoshoot begins, we will be having in-depth conversations about you, your goals with your boudoir session, outfits you’re excited to wear, your hair & makeup preferences, and even your favorite beverage.

During these conversations, you’ll also receive insight through my exclusive prep guide on how to prepare your body so you can feel your best before ever stepping foot into my studio. One thing I always make sure to highlight is skincare prep to give you healthy, glowing skin for your photoshoot. I’m a big believer in capturing the best version of you, and with radiant skin, your confidence will truly shine!

I’ll also provide you with gentle yoga positions to help move your body before your boudoir day experience. While I always ask for and respect your physical limitations, boudoir photography allows us to celebrate your body with light, love, curves, and laughter. When we’re asking our bodies to move into different positions, it can make us feel sore afterward. This is why I always give my clients stretches and gentle yoga positions to help prepare your body before we step foot into the studio. When we give our bodies time to feel comfortable in a stretch, it makes the boudoir day of experience much more enjoyable.

kalee isenhour working with client during boudoir session
kalee isenhour posing client during boudoir session

The Day of Experience with Kalee Isenhour

With your favorite drink in hand, I’ll meet you at the studio. Today is all about you, and from the moment you walk through the door, I want you to feel loved and completely comfortable. 

With laughter and excitement, your appointment starts with professional hair and makeup from my incredible artist. It’s natural to feel a little nervous on the day of your session, so this is when we relax and allow ourselves to be pampered. Once you walk out looking like the bombshell you are, the fun begins!

During your session, you can relax as I walk you through your boudoir experience. If you’ve never had experience in front of the camera, seriously, there is no reason to stress about it! I know exactly how to pose you so you come out looking like the amazing, sensual woman you are. All you need to do is have fun, relax, and enjoy the moment. I’ll put every lock of hair, finger, and toe in place to deliver the photos you’ve always dreamed of. 

Your boudoir session is a worry-free zone that gives you an amazing experience you’ll never forget. Come ready to listen to playlists that put you in the best mood, try poses that excite you, and most importantly, celebrate your body throughout your experience. 

professional boudoir session products

After Your Boudoir Session

Once your boudoir photoshoot is over and we’ve shared our final hugs, I’ll immediately start editing your gallery to ensure it’s in your hands within two weeks. When gallery delivery day rolls around, with the biggest smile on my face I’ll send you an email with the link and password to your photo gallery. I will be anxiously awaiting to hear your favorites!

With your amazing photos in hand, I think it’s safe to say there’s no WAY these photos can just exist in a digital format. These babies need to be seen! To avoid the cringe-worthy experience of your artwork being developed by a high school kid at Walgreens, I offer a variety of prints and products to showcase your beauty luxuriously. 

After your session, you’ll have amazing photos that serve as a constant reminder of who you are and the confidence you gained from our time together. And if you start feeling down, you can always open your gallery and remind yourself how beautiful you are, how confident you are, and that you do have the strength to step outside of your comfort zone. Boudoir is so much more than just taking sexy photos. Boudoir gives you the permission to have your own identity and feel completely confident about yourself.

kalee isenhour photographing woman on bed during boudoir session in Oklahoma
woman laying on bed during oklahoma boudoir session with kalee isenhour

Let’s schedule your own boudoir session

As a woman helping other women on their self-empowerment journey, nothing makes me happier than seeing the shining light within each person who steps into my studio. 

Self-love through boudoir teaches us that when we say yes to ourselves, we can say yes to anything. 

If you’re looking to grow your confidence and find empowerment through a session with an Oklahoma boudoir photographer, I would love to extend an invitation to get started here. I also encourage you to watch a quick video of what our time together would be like. Please feel free to also reach out and ask me any questions you may have. I want you to be 100% comfortable and empowered during your session! I seriously cannot wait to connect with you and watch your confidence grow on your self-empowerment journey.

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