I was quietly photographing boudoir, but didn't want to share my beautiful work with the world for fear it wouldn't be well received from my family clients (but surprise, they have been my bIggest supporters) so I had a private Facebook group for this portfolio.

When I followed my heart and fully jumped into being a photographer for women, I felt pulled to do more to support the women around me. It was time to make my little group something bigger than me. I can't change the world alone, but I can with a community behind me so I refocused my group to create a positive community where women supported each other in life and self-love so The Self Love Club by Kalee Isenhour was born. This group has fun in and outside social media with online discussions and in-person events designed to try new things, meet members, and build a strong community of women. 


I love this group because you can just be you. You do not have to live up to todays society image of what they think you should look like. You all love me for who I am, dimples everywhere, hormonally tummy, hair I do or do not have. You all are just excepting me for me. No judgement at all. This group has made me step out of my comfort zone and be confident in my body image and love myself just the way I am!


Ive been shown support and kindness from other women who didn't even know me that really touched my heart. Since joining this group, I've felt much more confident embracing my post mommyhood body and loving the curves and stripes I have.


The self love club is more than just a group of ladies. It's a community filled with love and compassion. It's filled with strangers who become family. The self love club showed me it's not selfish to put my first. I've learned it's okay to figure out who to be other than just a momma and a wife. Most importantly the self love club helped me love myself, my body, my tiger stripes, my rolls, all of it. My body has been put through the ringer and it's never failed me. My body and EVERY body is perfect and deserves to be loved.

Kind words from SLC Members